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3 Key Ways Rosterspace Boosts Efficiency in Manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, effective workforce management is the linchpin for success, influencing efficiency, compliance, and overall success. Out-dated methods or superficial software solutions that lack the understanding of the manufacturing sectors in Australia and New Zealand could struggle to pass on these operational benefits to their customers. 

The following unveils three ways Rosterspace enhances manufacturing operations in Australia and New Zealand. From utilising technology for compliance, to streamlining the work experiences of both employees and managers, enabling them to dedicate more attention to other facets of their roles, Rosterspace is the ideal workforce management solution for this sector. 


A focus on leave 

Whether you are operating a manufacturing site with 50 workers or 5000, creating efficiencies and flexibility around leave management will have positive outcomes for all levels of staff. By managing all leave applications within the Rosterspace system you will have eliminated the need for paper leave forms.  

Paper forms are easy to forget or misplace, and aren’t easily referenced when creating rosters for a group of employees 

Workers can apply for leave via the app or their self-service portal, which will flow directly into the display of their future availability and inform rosters that are being developed.   

Using a mobile device’s camera, it is even possible to snapshot additional forms or medical certificates and attach these to the leave application, turning yet more paper into bits and bytes!  

With future rosters being used to determine the exact number of hours to be paid for any given leave period, all downstream users can rest assured that leave is not being over- or under-paid. Once the leave has been approved, affected shifts are flagged as vacant, allowing them to be offered electronically to eligible and available staff to ensure ongoing shift coverage and roster compliance. 



Streamlining operations 

One of the most immediate improvements experienced by Rosterspace users in the manufacturing sector has always been the implementation of timesheet approval by exception. 

This means that when working through the routine approval of worker’s timesheets, managers are required to only approve timesheets which have resulted in an alert or exception being raised, due to meeting certain criteria or breaching particular thresholds. Shifts worked within the agreed tolerances of the previously published roster can be passed to payroll for payment without detailed or manual review.  

Rosterspace also simplifies evacuation reporting, streamlining the process within a single platform. By eliminating the need for a separate system, it enhances efficiency during emergencies and reduces costs associated with maintaining multiple tools. This straightforward approach ensures a more cost-effective and practical solution for organisations managing workforce evacuations. 


Simple transitioning on the manufacturing floor 

Rosterspace simplifies the tracking of worker movements between manufacturing lines and cost centers, providing a user-friendly solution for accurate labour cost attribution. With an intuitive interface, employees can easily log transitions, ensuring seamless documentation of their activities.   

“This feature not only streamlines the process of time capture and job costing, but also facilitates precise allocation of time to the respective job billing and invoicing for clients.” 


This straightforward approach to capturing these crucial data points enhances overall transparency and efficiency in workforce management, contributing to more accurate financial insights and improved cash flow. 



Having operational advantages and an increase in worker satisfaction, while also remaining compliant, can lead to some incredible advantages for a manufacturing business. This can come as a reprieve during a time when rising input prices and component delivery delays could be bringing more stress into the business. 



Rosterspace is a best of breed workforce management solution for the Australian and New Zealand workforce. Known for its sophisticated technology, customer service and integration capabilities, we are here to keep you compliant. Book in for a demo and a chat today. 


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