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Our local team supports you in navigating the complexity of Australian Awards.

‘Off the shelf’ just doesn’t cut it for complex awards.

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Created locally, Serviced locally.

Rosterspace is a time and attendance solution with advanced award interpretation and was built to handle the complexity experienced by Australian businesses. Taking your specific payroll needs into account the Rosterspace team works with your business in transitioning onto the system through a comprehensive implementation process.  Beyond the go-live Rosterspace is there to help you stay compliant and up to date.

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We use targeted presales scoping, engaged design workshops and comprehensive client requirements documentation to provide a superior understanding of your organization’s workforce management business requirements.

Our experienced implementation consultants configure a solution designed specifically for your organization.  We work in close partnership with your staff to ensure that your solution is thoroughly tested prior to go-live


So many of the organizations we work with are migrating from manual systems… it’s a big leap to move to an automated system and the benefits are endless, provided that employees can adapt to the new system. 

Our trainers undertake face-to-face or virtual training to ensure managers, employees and payroll feel confident in using the system and ensure a seamless go-live experience

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Rosterspace is Australian-owned, with a local support team that prides itself on providing high-quality, timely and wonderful customer service.

We understand the Australian award landscape and culture like no foreign provider can and our support will never be outsourced offshore.

We build strong relationships and ensure you feel supported through the sales, implementation, training and beyond.


As your business grows so do your system requirements. The Rosterspace team works closely with its clients to ensure their needs are continually being met.  Creating personalized reports, setting up new awards and building integrations are just a few services that the Rosterspace consultancy team offer.

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Historica timesheet calclations
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Historical Timesheet Calculations

Historically payroll remediation has been viewed as a long, effort-filled, tiresome and expensive process.


By using the powerful award interpretation capabilities of Rosterspace, along with our structured approach for handling complex projects, we can quickly and affordably produce accurate payroll timesheet calculations for applicable awards, enterprise agreements and legislation.


The historical timesheet calculation outputs are presented in a clear and meaningful manner which facilitates the comparison to actual payments made in the past.

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