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Who are we?

Experts in time and attendance

Four cartoon humans sitting no office chairs.  The first person is a male with a couple of pieces of paper in his hand. Across from him is a woman with a headset on and a laptop on her lap.  next to her is a man in a backwards cap on a computer and next to him is a dark skinned woman with glasses also with a headset on and a latop on her lap.
Our Story

The origin story of Rosterspace is straight forward, just like the product and team that supports it. In 2010 there was a distinct shortage of workforce management solutions that could handle the complexity of Australian awards and enterprise agreements that were also affordable for mid-sized organisations.  Rosterspace was built to solve that problem, because every worker deserves to be paid correctly and every organisation should rest easy knowing they are doing just that. 

Rosterspace has been in the market for over a decade and we pride ourselves on being Australian, with a local service team and a deep understanding of the local market. The passion of our team has led to a 92% customer retention rate, and we continue to go from strength to strength. 

Our story
Our Leaders
Geoffrey Jones

Geoff founded Rosterspace in 2010 after working as a consultant and software developer in the rostering and HRIS industry for over a decade. He’s known for his technical excellence as a software provider and his exceptional, measurable, bottom-line results when advising. Geoff thoroughly understands the complexities of HR administration in relation to award interpretation, rostering and payroll calculations. He developed Rosterspace to address the challenges he saw within industries dealing with complex awards in Australia. No current off-the-shelf products or legacy systems seemed to hit the mark when dealing with this level of complexity. 

A photo of business founder Geoffrey Jones.  He has short hair and a big smile.
Business partner Martin Hesse.  He has a beard and his arms are crossed.
Martin Hesse

Marty leads the professional services arm of the business. He joined Geoff at Rosterspace in 2012 after over a decade of experience in payroll consulting and software. Marty contributes his rich depth of experience in HRIS, Payroll and Time and Attendance Systems. Marty supports clients on the front end with implementation and consulting, whilst also leading the sales team.  He’s committed to finding solutions to the most complex of award challenges. 10 years on, they have a growing team who deliver for clients again and again. 

Experience the benefits of Rosterspace
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