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We thrive in industries with complex awards and EA’s

Ensure accuracy and eliminate manual work-arounds

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Industries we love working with

Awards and EA’s can be notoriously complex. Rosterspace can handle serious complexity in award and EA calculations, so you can rest easy knowing your pay calculations are accurate. While we service all industries, here are a few of our highlights.

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Disability & Social Services


Easily allocate shifts to the right mix of skilled employees based on the requirements of the shift. Rosterspace is ideal for forecasting, can automatically fill vacant shifts at the last minute and can perform calcuations over multiple pay periods. Forget manual workarounds for the SCHADS award. We’ve got you covered. 

Award Codes

  • Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010

  • Clerks Private Sector Award




Gain control over your staffing costs at all organisational levels. With Rosterspace you can easily forecast the cost of upcoming rosters – from individual teams to entire dealerships. Stick to your operational budget and ensure shifts are always covered with our automated shift filling functionality.

Award Codes

  • Vehicle Manufacturing, Repair Services and Retail Award 2010

  • Clerks Private Sector Award

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Reduce time spent on rostering, approvals and the back and forth that comes with it. Fill shifts quickly with our automated SMS shift offers. Managers can rest easy knowing all shifts will be filled if employees call in sick so they can spend more time running the store. 

Award Codes

  • General Retail Industry Award 2010

  • Fast Food Industry Award 2010




Biometric clocking changes the game for the manufacturing industry. No more manual timesheets, time theft, paper leave forms, leave leakage and other human errors. With Rosterspace it’s easy to see where your employees are, when they’ve worked and when they’re taking leave.

Award Codes

  • Manufacturing and Associated Industries and Occupations Award 2010

  • Mining Industry Award

  • Storage Services and Wholesale Award

  • Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 

  • Food, Beverage and Tobacco Manufacturing Award

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Early Education
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Early Education


Rostering and timesheet are quick and easy with Rosterspace. Minimise the back and forth in rostering, filling vacancies and checking timesheets, and get back to what’s important; the kids.

Award Codes

  • Children’s Services Award 2010

  • Educational Services (Teachers) Award 2010

Health & Aged Care

Health & Aged Care


Ensure compliance to complex legislation with Rosterspace’s award interpretation functionality, which ensures the right mix of people with the right attributes, qualifications, certifications, languages and background checks are being rostered within a shift.  

Award Codes

  • Aged Care Award 2010

  • Nurses Award 2010

  • Health Professionals and Support Services Award

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We have you covered, these are just a few of the industries we thrive in.
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