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Strategic rostering with compliance at its core

Complex awards and enterprise agreements made easy.

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Experience the benefits of Rosterspace
Build compliant and in-budget rosters easily

Using the Rosterspace workforce management solution, you’re able to minimise your compliance risks through automated calculations and win back time by eliminating manual workarounds.  Have the right staff rostered while staying in budget and enhance your business decision-making capabilities

using our robust labour cost analytics.

Award Interpretation
Computer screen showing the award interpretation capabilities of Rosterspace

Award Interpretation

Automate payments for complex awards and enterprise agreements. Our powerful time interpreter accurately apportions payments to employees who work in a variety of roles or departments during a shift.

  • Reduce timely and error-prone manual workarounds.

  • Ensure the accuracy of complex award scenarios.

  • Create your own dynamic rules and streamline pay runs.

Roster Management

Roster Management

Budget and allocate shifts based on employee availability and award rules. Vacant shifts? Easy! Rosterspace automatically identifies eligible and available workers, offers them the shift and allocates those who respond first.

  • Easy roster management with employee availability and eligibility in one place.

  • Save time with automated vacant shift filling.

  • No phoning around filling and confirming shifts.

A computer screen showing how you can do roster management in Rosterspace
Costed Roster
A computer screen showing how you can create costed rosters and alerts in Rosterspace
Costed Roster & Alerts

Easily compare the forecasted cost of multiple roster scenarios before publishing. All rosters can be costed using the exact award interpretation rules. Add budgets so managers get alerted when they go over.

  • No more estimations. Accurately manage your labour budgets.

  • Avoid excess overtime or penalties.

  • Trial multiple ‘what if’ rosters to hit your budgets.

Approval by acception

Approval by exception

Save time by only approving timesheets by exception. Rosterspace allows all timesheets where employees work their standard shifts to be automatically paid and flags exceptions for approval.

  • Set rules for timesheet approval and rejection.

  • Tailored to your business rhythms and needs.

  • Reduce manager approvals by 40-60%.

A computer screen showing the approval by exception functionality of Rosterspace
Mobile App
A mobile app screen showing how you can clock in and clock out of Rosterspace via a mobile phone app

Mobile App & Facial Recognition

Clock in and clock out at a glance… literally… by looking at our facial recognition device, or easily clock in and out on the user-friendly mobile app. The app is feature packed and allows employees to apply for leave, upload doctor's certificates and so much more.

  • Easy as pie for employees to use.

  • No faking time sheets!

  • GPS location capturing and biometric scanning to eliminate time theft.

Leave Management

Leave Management

Eliminate manual leave systems, enhance audit controls and enable payroll visibility with our online leave workflow. Rosterspace’s user-friendly leave calendar empowers managers to make informed decisions, plan and fill shifts.

  • Eliminate leave leakage and overpayment.

  • Easily plan for filling vacant shifts due to leave.

  • Integrated payroll and manager approval system.

A computer screen showing the leave management function of Rosterspace
Employee self service
Business Intelligence
A computer screen showing the employee self service function of rosterspace

Employee Self Service

Employees can simply log on to view their roster, enter timesheets, share availability for shifts, apply for leave, and edit their contact details.

  • Reduce double handling of employee data.

  • Single Sign-On allows the user to log in easily and reduces password resetting.

  • Real-time employee availability to streamline rostering.

Business Intelligence

Reporting has never been so insightful! Access pre-configured reports at the click of a button or customise the exact reports you need to optimise your business. Reports can be automatically sent to inboxes of your choice.

  • Automatically distribute reports via a pre-set schedule.

  • Gain insight into your workforce dynamics and track budgets.

  • Make robust and strategic workforce decisions.

A computer screen showing the reporting capabilities of Rosterspace
A computer screen highlighting that Rosterspace integrates with other technologies

Rosterspace has flexible integration that embraces multiple technologies. Our bi-directional integration connects with your Payroll, HRIS and Finance applications eliminating double-handling.

  • Seamless inbound and outbound integration.

  • No re-keying or double handling of employee data.

  • Leave balances are automatically maintained.

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