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Why Aussie businesses do better with local workforce management solutions

In today's globalised economy, businesses have access to a wide range of workforce management systems from around the world. However, when it comes to choosing a system that is best suited to the needs of Australian businesses, there are many compelling reasons to choose a locally built solution. Read on to discover how a locally owned and developed workforce management system will serve you better than its overseas competitors.


Compliance with local regulations is one of the primary reasons why Australian-built workforce management systems are superior to their overseas competitors. Australian industry awards and Enterprise Agreements are complex, nuanced and ever changing. Local systems are best placed to handle this complexity and minimise the risk of workers being paid incorrectly. Overseas system that aren’t easily adapted to the Australian environment and may require manual workarounds which can be higher risk and costly. See our coverage of that nightmare at “Why is Industry Award Interpretation in Australia so Complex”.

Finding out that your payroll or award interpretation system hasn’t been compliant is a stressful, exhaustive and costly situation to rectify. Naturally, you want to avoid putting yourself in that position from the start. While not every Australian built system handles award interpretation to the same level of quality or standard, Rosterspace has built a reputation of doing it extremely well. This includes undertaking projects that specifically use their award interpretation tool for historical timesheet calculations, payroll remediation and BOOT tests (Better Off Overall Tests).

Familiarity with local business practices

Australian-built workforce management systems are designed with an understanding of local business practices and cultural nuances. This means that they are more likely to meet the specific needs of Australian businesses and can be customised to suit the unique requirements of different industries and organisations.

A workforce management system has to comply with the industry award or EA, but two organisations under the same award could be configured quite differently due to business practices that need to be taken into account. One such area is in the preparation of future rosters; calculating the cost of an upcoming roster according to award conditions is important, but juggling compliance with human factors is just as important when it comes to workforce planning. Think of meal breaks, leave applications and GPS tracking. These are areas which are generally handled differently overseas.

So not only is the award interpretation component unique to Australia and New Zealand, but the business practices are too. An overseas system has a lot to contend with.

Offerings for ALL Australian entity sizes

Many of the overseas offerings come from large multinational corporations who service companies and entities that have large workforces. These vendors may offer a consolidated product for businesses with smaller workforce numbers, but the offering can still be expensive to implement and maintain, let alone licence. A local workforce management system such as Rosterspace includes all the necessary and desirable product features, and aims to support organisations with 200+ employees, making it a local alternative that is suitable for organisations looking for a feature rich solution whilst staying within budget.

Local support and maintenance

Choosing an Australian-built workforce management system means that businesses can benefit from local support and maintenance. This ensures that any issues or concerns can be addressed quickly and effectively, minimising downtime and disruption to business operations.

Whilst some vendors may offer 24 hour or extended hours technical support, dealing with overseas-based support can often lead to a long turnaround when it comes to resolving complex issues. And this in turn can jeopardise critical payroll deadlines.

It’s worth noting that the market size of Australia as a whole means that a multinational workforce management solution is often going to have a small local support team resulting in a higher likelihood of escalated support tickets.

Integration with local payroll and HR systems

Australian-built workforce management systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with local payroll and HR systems, ensuring that data is accurately and efficiently transferred between different systems. Implementation costs can be kept down, whilst longer term businesses can save time and money by reducing the need for manual intervention and workarounds.

And speaking of data, knowing where your sensitive employee data is being stored and backed up is critical, particularly in the age of high-profile data leaks and hacking scandals. Local vendors will need to comply with Australian / NZ data privacy laws and will mostly store all data within Australian / NZ borders.

Rosterspace is an Australian workforce management software made for advance award interpretation. To find out more head to


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