We offer a growing suite of rostering, time and attendance and business intelligence solutions for your organisation’s workforce management requirements

1. Roster Management

Rosterspace has a flexible and intuitive Rostering module which provides an advanced rostering workflow. Managers will find our rostering solution easy to use, with to features such as costed roster, budgets and attractive roster reports. Our rostering module also integrates with our award interpreter to facilitate manager approvals by exception.

2. Time Interpretation

We have developed a powerful and flexible time interpreter to meet the requirements for demanding and difficult Australian awards. We are confident that our time interpreter will be able to automate all of your award/EA calculations with no time consuming or error-prone manual workarounds. In addition, our costing module allows the award interpreter to apportion calculated payments accurately when an employee works multiple jobs/cost centres/clients/programs in a shift. 

3. Automated Time Collection

We provide a range of options for employee time capture, including timeclock devices, biometric recognition, mobile app clocking with GPS, and interfaces to third-party time capture solutions such as point-of-sale systems. Automated time capture solutions put an end to the time-consuming chore of manual timesheet recording, collection and data entry. Electronic attendance collection enhances the accuracy of recorded times by removing the guesswork from the process. In addition, the use of electronic time recording minimises the opportunity for employee to falsify their attendance records. In fact, the implementation of biometric timeclock solutions can eliminate the problem of time theft altogether.

4. Manager Time Approvals

We provide an attractive and efficient timesheet screen for line managers to review and approve employee attendance and payments. Key features include:

  • Manager time approvals by exception.
  • Our fully customisable exception engine draws the attention of the manager to shifts requiring review (as defined by your business requirements).
  • Allow time interpretation/cost centre overrides to be filtered by group, thus preventing inappropriate values being allocated.
  • Timesheet layout is customisable on a group/role basis, allowing the simplification of the approvals process for the line manager.
  • Advanced security features facilitate the review/approval of employees working away from their home department.

5. Reporting and Business Intelligence

We have created an attractive and flexible set of standard reports which cover common time management scenarios such as attendance, exception, approval and evacuation reporting. We have also developed a powerful ad hoc report writer which may be used to develop your own custom reports to your specific requirements. Reports may be run directly from the Rosterspace application or automatically sent by email according to a schdule. Our custom reporting tool is fully integrated within Rosterspace and there are no additional licence fee or software to install. These tools allow key stakeholders from Payroll, Operations and Line Managers to report on and measure key workforce management metrics.

6. Integration

We offer bi-direction integration with a significant (and growing) number of Payroll/HRIS applications. Besides the typical outbound interpreted time interface, we also offer inbound manual and automated employee/configuration data integration options. These allow you to synchronise employees, leave applications, cost centres, and job numbers between Rosterspace and your existing Payroll/HRIS applications. This saves data entry and allows your existing applications to remain “the source of truth” for your data. 

7. Employee Self-Service

Our Employee Self-Service (ESS) module provides employees with the ability to record availability for future shifts, apply for leave, enter attendance (timesheets entry), and view their published rosters. The Rosterspace ESS module is an ASP.NET website, which can be accessed on all computing platforms, such as PC/Mac/Mobile Device (Android, iPhone), without the need to install software.