Clients implementing time management solution Rosterspace will experience numerous benefits and realise a quick ROI


1. Streamline Payroll Processes

Using a Time and Attendance system will transform manual timesheet processes by automating manual processes and eliminating pay calculation errors. Some of the typical benefits to be experience include:

  • Enhance Employee Attendance Recording Accuracy: Automated time collection removes the guesswork out of recording employee work times, and prevents timesheet falsification.
  • Do Away With Manual Timesheets: Online entry of timesheets into Rosterspace eliminates the time-consuming tasks of timesheet/bundy card preparation, collation and the logistics of posting/faxing/emailing information to payroll.
  • Eliminate Transactional Data Entry: Automated time collection/interpretation saves you having to manually enter employee payments.
  • Eradicate Payroll Errors: Automated time interpretation means that a standard, proven pay calculation formula will be applied to employee payments, making data-entry errors and manual pay calculation errors a thing of the past.
  • Streamline Manager Approvals: Due to features such as approval by exception, and our simple, customisable timesheet layout, managers will find their employee time approvals process easy-to-use and efficient.
  • Proactive Labour Cost Management: Using our costed rosters feature, managers can evaluate and optimise rosters to ensure budget compliance. 
  • Unlock Business Intelligence: There is a great deal of important workforce management information contained within employee time and attendance data. Using a Time and Attendance application with excellent reporting capabilities, such as Rosterspace, allows you to unlock this business intelligence and provide key metrics reporting around absenteeism, costing, tardiness, overtime/shift penalty composition etc.

2. Industry Specific Solutions

We have experience in many industries and understand the unique challenges and business requirements for various sectors. We have tailored our application to solve common problems for these industries. For example:

  • Aged Care/Not-For-Profit: These industries have particularly challenging award interpretation requirements. We have designed our time interpreter to automate all required calculations without the requirement for time-consuming or error-prone manual workarounds. In addition, our costing module is perfect for costing employee labour to an NDIS service catalog.
  • Retail: In our experience, we've found that retail organisations have high employee turnover and retail supervisors have limited time to learn or manage business applications. As such we have developed Rosterspace to be intuitive and user-friendly. This will reduce the training burden for new managers, and reduce errors related to overly-complex labour management procedures.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing organisations typically benefit from being able to cost employee payments by cost centre and/or job number. We provide comprehensive tools which allow tracking of employee labour costs for reporting, Payroll/General Ledger costing and invoicing purposes.

3. Hosted/SaaS Solution

As a true SaaS solution, Rosterspace will minimise capital outlay and reduce the burden on your IT department for installing, maintaining and upgrading software. In addition, Rosterspace uses a “utility” model of billing meaning that there are no large up-front licence fees and clients instead pay a monthly fee based upon application usage. As an added bonus, we do not use lock-in contracts and our clients are free to cancel at any time.

4. Proven Implementation Methodology

We use targeted presales scoping, engaged design workshops and comprehensive client requirements documentation to provide a superior understanding of your organisation’s workforce management business requirements. Our experienced implementation consultants use this information develop an appropriate solution design and configure your database to meet your business requirements. We then work in close partnership with your staff to ensure that your solution is thoroughly tested and your workforce properly trained prior to go-live. We will continue to support you through the go-live period and afterwards, once you have been handed over to our friendly, local Support Team. This proven methodology will help to ensure that your solution meets your business goals, and is delivered on-time and on-budget.

5. Value for Money

Our unique application platform and low overheads allow us to provide a solution which is great value for money. The low entry cost for Rosterspace will reduce your financial risk and will help your organisation to achieve a quick return on investment. Please feel free to contact us and we can provide indicative pricing for your organisation so that you can compare our costs to that of our competitors.